Sunday, 13th January




Walk: Sabden, Deerstones, Spence Moor, Fell Wood, Upper Ogden Reservoir, Ogden Clough, Big End, Pendle Hill, Scout Cairn, Badger Wells Hill, car park
Start Point: First car park leaving Sabden Grid Reference: SD 776 380
Distance: 11.5 miles Ascent: 3,200 feet
Time: 6 hours    
Weather: A windy but dry day soon became a wet one, with very strong winds after we had left Big End
Comments: After earlier forecasts we were pleased to find we had a dry start and enjoyed the 'easy ascent' to Deerstones. A detour over Spence Moor avoided the really boggy bits but the walk up Ogden Clough was pretty muddy. We climbed into mist as we left the clough and didn't come out of mist till we were approaching the Scout Cairn. We then had a pleasant walk down to the car park, passing an interesting bench on the way.

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A brief pause shortly after the start on a dull and windy day




Churn Clough Reservoir


Getting windier on Deerstones


From Spence Moor we can see Lower Ogden reservoir and Fell Wood - with its own mist cloud


The view of Pendle Big End provides . . .


a good backdrop for a group shot


The wall by Fell Wood provides some shelter from the wind


Emerging from the woods we get a brief glimpse of Lower Ogden Reservoir  . . .


before crossing the bridge


A little further upstream we find a couple of sluice gates controlling the water flow from . . .


Upper Ogden Reservoir


A high wall surrounds the water course . . .


and another one protects the overflow from . . .


the reservoir


Eric pauses for a moment's contemplation  . . .


whilst the rest of the group continues up the clough


Sheila and Ray test the depth of the water . . .


followed by Mandy and Eric . . .


whilst the rest of the group lend their support


A sharp drop into the clough - I thought John said all the ascents were gradual!


By the time we reach the flagged path the mist has closed in


but Garry manages to find the trig point on Big End . . .


and the rest of the group follows


The wall provides some shelter from the wind but - no view today . . .


until we reach the Scout Cairn - too windy to get a clear photo


Back on the main path - but who is standing next to John?


A close up gives you a clue (answers on a postcard please!)


I couldn't resist this bench on the way back to the car - but what has Ray found?


a rather soggy fungus!

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