Sunday, 14th September 2008




Walk: Map reading in the Arnside Knott Area, visiting Arnside Knott and Arnside Tower
Start Point: N.T. car park at Arnside Knott Grid Reference: SD 450 774
Distance: Various Ascent: Various
Time: 5 hours    
Weather: Cloudy, bright to sunny. No rain
Comments: 9 group members arrived and Ann & Mike who had arranged the day, split the group into small teams. Each was given the same exercise, but with a different route. This was to follow a route on a large-scale sketch map, following onto an OS map to a point away from Arnside Knott. We then had to plot our own return to the Knott. The time of arrival was to be 2.30 pm so it was necessary to judge the distance/ability to arrive back at the ETA. Whilst on the walk that took in 2 set points, at the Toposcope and Lawson’s Memorial Seat, where it was planned to select 2 features of choice and take a bearing of them with an estimate of distance. Having arrived back at Arnside Knott the return to the car park was via the Toposcope and Memorial Seat, where the bearings and distances were given to a different group to work out. A good fun day that was missed by all those that did not attend!

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Maps and route


Brian and Margaret on the coast path around Arnside Parp


We meet another team going the other way, Ann and Ann


Arnside Tower


Farm near Arnside Tower


Dorothy at the trig point on Arnside Knott


Group at Lawson's Memorial Seat on Arnside Knott


Ann gives advice to Sheila and group


The maps and routes create much discussion


The knotted tree, that was

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