Sunday, 25th May 2008




Walk: Ribchester, Ribchester Bridge, Copster Hall, Dinckley, Dinckley Bridge, Clough Bank Wood, Duddel Wood, Alms Houses, Ribchester
Start Point: Ribchester main car park Grid Reference: SD 649 353
Distance: 8.6 miles Ascent: 1,000 feet
Time: 4.5 hours    
Weather: Sunny but very windy
Comments: On leaving the car park the group of 20 people headed for Stydd and then crossed the fields to reach Ribchester Bridge. Hat number one was last seen floating down stream having been blown off by a near gale force gust of wind! After crossing the fields to Park Gate and the A59 we turned left to pass Copster Hall, Dinckley Grange and Dinckley Hall. On the lane to the hall everyone had to remove their rucksacks in order to pass through a very narrow aperture next to an electronic gate. (Is this the Ribchester alternative to 'The Squeeze' at Side Pike?) By this time hat number two had sailed off into the wind! Crossing Dinckley Bridge in strong wind was not the most comfortable of experiences! Turning left we followed the Ribble Way for a short time before heading alongside Starling Brook to Grindlestone House. Crossing Gallows Lane at Panstones we then walked through Duddel Wood (no Teddy Bears' tea party today!) and emerged on the path to Stydd Manor and the Alms Houses. From there it was a short walk back to the cars. We had enjoyed a pleasant, but windy day where the fields were a patchwork of green and the smell of the Hawthorn Blossom was a reminder that Spring had arrived.

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