Sunday, 27th April 2008




Walk: Gray Crag, Thornthwaite Crag, High Street, The Knott, Angletarn Pikes
Start Point: Hartsop Grid Reference: NY 409 130
Distance: 10 miles Ascent: 2,900 feet
Time: 7 hours    
Weather: A very misty and damp start which cleared during the afternoon
Comments: Starting out from Hartsop we could see that Gray Crag, and the surrounding fells, were surrounded in mist to quite a low level. As we reached the cairn John thought that it should have an identifying marker. Check out the photos for his idea! Thornthwaite Beacon couldn't be seen until we were within a few feet of it and the trig point on High Street wasn't much better!  There was practically no wind so little chance of the mist moving. Walking across to Angletarn we had one or two brief glimpses of the views we were missing out on. Our next goal was Angletarn Pikes and by the time we got to the North top we were rewarded with views over Brothers Water and the surrounding fells. We were not expecting the surprise that was waiting for us at Boredale Hause - a group of mountain bikers taking a well earned rest. However, with no offers of a lift we continued on foot towards Hartsop. Feeling relaxed  and ready for a stroll back to the cars on the flat track, we were suddenly when the leader turned off the path to return through the woods - not more climbing!! Arriving back at the cars the sun was teasing us as it played over The Knott and other fells, but there were no offers of a quick trip back up there to take some photos!

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Crossing Hayeswater Gill at the beginning of the walk


Looks like we are in for anther misty walk, but how do we know that this is Gray Crag?


John has his own ideas about identifying it


We make our way along the ridge - but we could be walking anywhere!



Even Thornthwaite Beacon was only visible when we got to within a few feet of it



Even the High Street trig point was hiding in the mist, especially as it no longer has its white coat


Karen and Ian make their way across Sulphury Beck


The mist lifts just long enough for us to see the views we were missing - and the sheep provides a focal point


Lunch by Angletarn - at least we can see the water


Fancy meeting you here - a group of mountain bikers take a rest on Boredale Hause


No offers of a lift - so we continue on foot towards Hartsop


Angletarn Beck puts on a good show . . .


as the water tumbles over the rocks . . .


and we prepare for the last 'climb' through the woods

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