Sunday, 27th January




Walk: Ings, Hugill Hall, Heights Farm, Williamson's Monument, Ullthwaite Bridge, Green Quarter, Kentmere Hall, Whiteside End, Grassgarth
Start Point: Just off the A591 at Ings Grid Reference: SD444986
Distance: 10 miles Ascent: 1,000 feet
Time: 5.5 hours    
Weather: A cloudy but dry and bright day.
Comments: After leaving Ings we headed up to Hugill Hall and The Heights Farm. We were given permission by the farmer to visit the Williamson's Monument on High Knott, where is no right of way. Many of us have passed it often and it is included in Wainwright's Outlying Fells. After stopping at Ullthwaite Bridge we climbed up to Green Quarter where we could see Skeggles Water over to our right. Descending to Kentmere we passed Kentmere Hall and returned via Whiteside End, Mickle Moss, High House and Grassgarth.

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We can finally visit Williamson's Monument thanks to the the farmer who gave us permission


I wonder how Wainwright got up here??


The plaque tells us that the monument was erected in 1803, after Williamson died in 1797, and rebuilt in 1961-2


It is on High Knott . . .


on Hugill Fell


What a colourful selection of coats!


The walls at Ullthwaite Bridge . . .


provide great seat for our coffee stop


The sunlight dapples the hills as we head towards Kentmere . . .


and leave along the path near Whiteside End . . .


passing Kentmere Tarn on the way


We enjoy a tea break by the beck . . .


before heading back to Ings

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