Sunday, 27th July 2008




Walk: Affetside, Hawkshaw, Edgworth, Wayoh Reservoir, Turton Tower and Jumbles Reservoir
Start Point: Jumbles Reservoir car park Grid Reference: SD 737 140
Distance: 9 miles Ascent: Less than 1,000 feet
Time: 5.5 hours    
Weather: Hot and humid with lots of sunshine
Comments: Led by Dorothy and Roger (and guest guide Alan) we skirted Jumbles Reservoir before turning east to climb slowly to Affetside.  Here we saw Affetside Cross at the side of a former Roman road.  Continuing, after a water stop, we headed for Two Brooks Farm and Hawkshaw.  After passing through hay fields and moor land we stopped for lunch at the side of a stream at Edgworth.  After lunch, three walkers took a shorter route, but the brave ones followed the Witton Weavers Way along the East side of Wayoh Reservoir.  Crossing a crescent shaped highway over the reservoir we reached the west side of the reservoir and then headed south to join another part of the Witton Weavers Way near Clough House Farm.  Here, people were curious about two brick octagonal tower like structures.  A local resident informed us that at one time they had been farm silos.  Continuing south along the Witton Weavers Way we arrived at an unusual railway bridge at Turton Towers (see pictures).  On the last lap of the walk we rejoined Jumbles Reservoir where we watched youths of both sexes jumping into the reservoir from about 50 feet up a vertical rock face.  On returning to the car park a number of ice creams were consumed.  A nice walk!

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Affetside Cross


Alan and Judith read the plaque


The Plaque


Holcombe Peel Tower from Affetside


Roger finds some shade


Hay time


Bryan flees from the tractor


The path over Wayoh Reservoir


Wayoh Reservoir


Railway viaduct over Wayoh Reservoir (am I seeing double?)


Turton Tower Railway Bridge


Garry and Brian on guard duty


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