Coach Trip to Church Stretton





For our 2008 coach trip Bill organised a visit to Church Stretton. There was a choice of two walks, both featuring The Long Mynd and/or the opportunity to stroll round the picturesque town of Church Stretton. Below are Bill's thoughts about the trip.

Ramblings of a 'Demented' Social Secretary
My neighbour, John, suggested Church Stretton as the destination for the Club's annual coach trip - we'd never been south of Chester before. Marjorie, David, Brian L and I carried out two recce walks mid June - a perfect day - and we were captivated by the countryside, the walking and the blue remembered hills. This was Shropshire, lad.

Having tried to sell 50 tickets we managed to get 34 onto the coach, fortunately really as Cosgroves only sent a 35 seater! Poulton pick-up at 8am, Kirkham at 8.20am, Junction at 27 8.50am, then just over 2 hours to Church Stretton, our longest trip so far. On arrival, booted and spurred, David and Brian took 18 + 1 on his yomp up Carding Mill Valley. Five people elected to investigate the picturesque town whilst Marjorie's eleven toiled up Townbrook Valley. Despite mild but persistent rain we had extraordinary views. The 'B' team made it back in time for tea and flapjacks in the Barrow Café before locating the coach and the 'A' team.

A thoroughly pleasant day with good walks and spectacular scenery was had by all.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Walk 1: Carding Mill Valley, Pole Bank, Long Mynd, Ragleth Hill

Free from the confines of the coach we head up the Carding Mill Valley


Time for a brief check back down the valley . . .


before climbing a rock staircase to leave the valley


Umbrellas ready - one of the many showers we encounter today


A view from Pole Bank


A pleasant grassy path as we head over The Long Mynd from Pole Bank


Ragleth Hill from Round Hill


The path from Cross Dyke to Little Stretton

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Walk 2: Town Brook Valley, Pole Bank, Long Mynd

Marjorie, Christine and Pip find a spot for elevenses . . .


along with Brian and Beryl . . .


Margaret and June . . .


Gordon and Pat - does Cyril think it's time to go?


Brian and Beryl before the rain starts


We made it to the top of Pole Bank in mist and light rain - and found the 'A' team just leaving 'our' picnic spot!


Fran - glamorous in any weather


Christine and a well-dressed Pip - bin liner, 2 safety pins and an old belt!


After tea and flapjacks at the Barrow café we found the coach . . .


and the 'A' team - and the sun came out!


The Leaders and back markers


Everyone snoozed or listened to the Wimbledon's men's final, and after a brief 'hold-up' made it home for tea.

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