Sunday, 7th December 2008




Walk: Great Langdale, Side Pike, Lingmoor Fell, Elterwater
Start Point: Elterwater Grid Reference: NY 329 051
Distance: 8.75 miles Ascent: 2,540 feet
Time: 6 hours    
Weather: Overcast all day but no rain or snow. Despite being overcast and windy on the tops, it was not to cold.
Comments: With icy conditions in the valley and snow and ice on the tops, walking was made difficult and care had to be taken all day. Due to the conditions the walk was quite slow and hence a loop around the Little Langdale valley had to be omitted. Despite the conditions under foot, all seemed to enjoy themselves and the views which we don't get very often these days.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

It's a bleak scene along the Cumbria Way and Great Langdale


Side Pike appears through the mist as we walk along the shoulder of Lingmoor Fell . . .


and we take time out for a coffee break


It's still misty around Side House . . .


and very slippery underfoot - especially on the stiles


Glad we didn't need to drive on the road from Great Langdale to Little Langdale today!


A pause as we climb Side Pike gives time to admire The Band on the left and Loft Crag, with Pike O' Stickle peeping out behind, on the right


From higher up we get a better view of the Langdale Pikes


There is only one way on from Side Pike . . .


and this involves The Squeeze . . .


where Marie captures the antics . . .


of each person trying to get through . . .


one way or another . . .


until finally David is jubilant that he has made it!


A couple of photos from a previous walk . . .


give an idea of what The Squeeze is really like


The alternative route from Side Pike - for rock climbers only!!!


A more gentle slope leads us on to Lingmoor Fell


It's a cold picture as we look across Blea Tarn to Wetherlam . . .


Traffic jam as two groups meet on the way across Lingmoor Fell


From higher up Blea Tarn looks even more spectacular


Pike O' Blisco


Lingmoor Tarn looks more like a skating rink


Taking stock of where we are on the last climb up to the summit . . .


which we are all happy to reach . . .


and Kath claims the summit, but the 'Old Man' looks like he's hiding in the mist


Ray & Marie investigate another summit which they decide to call Hardisty Crag (but I think someone already named it Busk Pike!)


Eventually a little colour in the photo as we look across Little Langdale to the Coniston Fells


I wonder if they drivers know that they have a two foot rocky drop to negotiate?

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