Sunday, 7th September 2008




Walk: The Badlands - Clapham to Austwick, Warfe, Moughton Scars (The Badlands), Sulber Gate, Crummackdale, Norber and returning to Clapham
Start Point: Clapham car park Grid Reference: SD 746 692
Distance: 11 miles Ascent: 1,300 feet
Time: 6.5 hours    
Weather: Mixed showers and some sun
Comments: We set off across the fields to Austwick, where we entered the green lanes and the steady ascent to Warfe and then on to Moughton Scar. A choice was available to go by a short but steep shale and grass scramble, or a longer more gradual track onto the Scars. This is an area of limestone pavement, which is the ‘Badlands’. Reputedly the old haunt of robbers and vagabonds, and that has resulted in the names to features there, Thieves Moss and Beggars Stile. Up to Sulber Gate via the Thieves Moss, before the descent via Crummackdale, (from the old Norse for Crooked Valley). A stop for tea at Norber and time to have a look at the Erratics. Grit stone boulders from outside of the area that were carried along by the glaciers that covered the country during the ice age. As they melted the boulders were left on the base of limestone, which has eroded more quickly and left some of the boulders on little plinths. It was then back to Clapham via two short tunnels that were constructed so that the workers on the estates could proceed to their work, out of sight of landowners from their windows as they had their breakfast!

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Bill checks out the stile, with a helping hand from Brian . . .


and Mandy follows in his footsteps


Coffee time near Warfe - and Bill makes sure we don't disappear through the gate!


Climbing up from Warfe . . .


and down to a stream


Some take the longer route up to Moughton Scars


whilst others take the short way . . .


short but steep . . .


very steep!


Did we come up there?


Gary did and Rob looks on as Mandy is nearly there


We all arrive for lunch, with Pen-y-Ghent in the background


We make our way across The Badlands . . .


and find an old seahorse


The limestone and Thieves Moss after the rain


Brian watches out for the traffic


and past the isolated farm, Crummack


Approaching Norber and the erratics


Gritstone sitting on the limestone


Nearly back to Clapham via the tunnels . . .


and Bill adjusts his head torch


The wet summer seems to have brought out the best in the Rowan berries

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