Sunday, 15th March 2009




Walk: Embsay, Eastby, Halton East, Lower & Upper Barden Reservoirs, over Barden & Embsay Moors to Embsay Reservoir and back to Embsay
Start Point: Embsay Car Park Grid Reference: SE 009 538
Distance: 10.5 miles Ascent: 1,500 feet
Time: 5.5 hours    
Weather: Fine and mainly sunny
Comments: 15 members made their way across the fields to Halton East, no longer snow covered, as it was when we did the recce. The first bit of climbing up onto the Moors was up Moor Lane & How Gill to the cattle grid, before dropping down to Broad Park House and the Lower Barden Reservoir. Skirting the southern banks we made our way to the supply track up to the old (1883) watermanís house at the Upper Barden Reservoir. For the first time after several visits to this area, there were signs of occupation - cars, open door and a dog. A wonderful site with open views, even if it is very isolated. Across the dam and our lunch stop making use of a large pile of granite blocks once used to build the reservoir. It had clouded over by this time and it was a bit chilly as we climbed up over moor, to meet several 4x4s coming towards us, making their way to the reservoirs. They were enjoying themselves and didnít spoil our day. It was then further over the moors past the shooters' huts and between East & West Harts Hills before we descended to Embsay Reservoir. The sun was back out and the temperature improved as we approached the reservoir, but no sailing, only a couple of sail boards to be seen. Embsay Crag looked down on us and some other time we must climb up to it, must have good views over the valley, and a different way onto the moors. Always something new to see and think about. Nearly back to the cars across the fields, rather that using the road. A good and pleasant spring like day that had been enjoyed by all.

The photographs have been interspersed with some of those taken on the recce - what a difference in conditions in just over 5 weeks!

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Leaving Embsay by Greenfield House


Rawton Beck with Haw Park & Quarry in the background . . .


and again in very different conditions


Heading for Eastby . . .


but it was almost a monochrome picture 5 weeks ago


The sun shines as we walk through Eastby . . .


and along Bark Lane and Angrymire Laithe


Mawking Hole . . .


is this really the same place?


Cragg House Farm


Residents of Cam Slate, Halton East


Cars! parked at Cam Slate . . .


but there was only one here last time we passed this way


Moor Lane, heading north from Halton East . . .


and we stop at the top of the lane for a coffee break


How Gill


Found the gate - but where is the fence?!


Brian and Brian study the map overlooking Lower Barden Moor


Looking north over Lower Barden Moor


There is a fire on the moors looking East near Simon's Seat


Waterman's House at Upper Barden Reservoir . . .


a different angle but the same house


Crossing the dam at Upper Barden Moor . . .


but previously the snow made very effective patterns against the wall




The 'lunch circle'


Looking back over Upper Barden Reservoir from Higher Barden Moor


The group gathers by the shooters' hut before . . .


dropping down to Embsay


No sailing today


Embsay Crag, with Good Intent Farm & Grouse Cottage


Hill Top Farm with the strange circular mounds near the Quarry on the far hills


 Donald watches as Daffy has a swim


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