Sunday, 25th January 2008




Walk: Rusland Pool Hotel, The Causeway, Haverthwaite Heights, Backbarrow, Bigland Allotment, High Gate, Bigland Tarn , Birk Dault Wood, Low Wood, Cumbria Coastal Way, Rusland Pool Hotel
Start Point: Rusland Pool Hotel Grid Reference: SD 329 843
Distance: 9 miles Ascent: 1,300 feet
Time: 5.75 hours    
Weather: Bright but cold with a short, light shower
Comments: On an unexpectedly fine morning twenty intrepid souls braved a dubious weather forecast to sally forth from the Rusland Pool Hotel on this 9 mile hike. It was surprisingly bright although chilly as we followed the Leven tributary north and across The Causeway to Haverthwaite Heights. We descended through the woods and crossed the river, swollen by recent rains. It was a strange feeling stood on the bridge only a couple of feet away from the racing waves. The alluring smell of fried bacon was a temptation to linger awhile in Backbarrow as now began a serious climb out of the village onto Bigland Allotment, guarded by a lovely, swampy section even crocodiles avoided. (Well, did you see any?!!) The removal of rainwear signalled the arrival of a short, light shower. The difference in temperature over The Allotment was noticeable – a sharp wind blowing in from the south. Yellow topped markers guided us through the tussocky grass to the tiny tarn where we had lunch. Thereafter we passed Bigland Tarn which was by now bathed in winter sunshine. Here we joined the Cumbria Coastal Way which led us downhill to the river. Thereafter there was a pleasant riverside walk which abruptly ended at the A590 where we successfully negotiated “The Hedgehog Run*” across the road to the end of a most pleasant day.

*No hedgehogs or ramblers were injured in the completion of this walk

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Starting out - on the right track (or should it be the left one?)


'Is this my bed?'


Signs of recent rains - a stream in full spate . . .


and some rather wet fields


Our leader casting off


Crossing the River Leven


Taking in the view at Brow Edge


Naming the fells, as Dorothy takes off through the bracken . . .


which would be waist high in Summer . . .


making our walking more difficult


Unnamed Tarn (A) above Black Beck and . . .


unnamed Tarn (B)


Bigland Tarn basks in the sunshine . . .


but no time to linger . . .


as we pass the rear of Bigland Hall


Descending to the River Leven . . .


we wonder how many we can fit on the bridge


It's dry alongside the River Leven, but Sheila's trousers tell a different tale!


The tidal part of the River Leven . . .


and the estuary in the late afternoon sun

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