Wednesday, 25th November 2009




Walk: Wharf - Reservoir - Convent - Broach Flat, Brown Hill Row, Lower Clough, Moss House, Noyna End, Throstle Nest, Hague, Mere Clough, New Hague, Mill Hill Bridge, * (at this point we returned to the wharf along the canal bank) Hey Fold, Long Hill Farm, Ball House, Sand Hole, Reservoir, Wharf.
Start Point: Foulridge Wharf Grid Reference: SD 888 426
Distance: 5.5 miles (shortened from a planned 7.5 mls) Ascent: 300 feet
Time: -    
Weather: Cold and fine to start, turning to continuous heavy rain by lunch time.
Comments: The walk is the Foulridge Beating the Bounds walk, available on a leaflet.
In spite of a poor forecast 18 people turned up to beat the bounds. It was obviously very wet underfoot and when the weather turned wet and we had sheltered under a canal bridge to picnic we decided to return to the wharf by a shorter route!
It is an interesting walk with views of Pendle and Ingleborough on a fine day!

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

A sunny start as we look across the canal at Foulridge Wharf


Heading away from Foulridge


Bill lends a 'helping hand'


Still fine as we cross the fields . . .


but continuous rain accompanied us across the bridge . . .


and drove us to shelter under a bridge as we ate lunch

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