Sunday, 25th October 2009




Walk: Helvellyn - changed to Aira Force
Start Point: Glenridding / Aira Force car park Grid Reference:  
Distance: Not much Ascent: Negligible
Time: An hour or so    
Weather: Gale force winds were forecast on the summits and there had been deluges of rain overnight
Comments: Unfortunately due to high winds forecast 80mph on the tops and very heavy rain the walk was cancelled. However 4 people had a pleasant hour or so walking around Aira Force in completely different weather.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

The flooded car park entrance at Glenridding does not bode well for the day ahead.


Nor does the state of Glenridding beck


The information centre looks like it might be washed away!


And the water keeps on rising


Torrential rain obscures the fells as we make our way to Aira force waterfalls


Place Fell clears during a brief respite from the rain . . .


and we catch a glimpse of autumn colour as we look down on Ullswater


A glimpse of the falls through the trees


We make our way upstream on waterlogged paths


Then start heading down towards high force and the narrow gorges . . .


where the group stops to ponder over the possibilities for a hydo-electric scheme


Lower down we join the crowds . . .


to look down off the bridge . . .


at the water thundering through the gorge . . .


into the pool below


We move down to view the scene from the other direction


The narrow bridge reminds John of Striding Edge and what might have been!!


But with the weather showing no signs of improving we make an early start for home  

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