29th October 2009




Walk: Bispham, North Pier, Central Pier, Chippy in New Bonny Street, South Pier and Pleasure Beach
Start Point: Starr Gate tram terminus Grid Reference: -
Distance: 6 miles Ascent: Nil
Time: 3.75 hours including tram ride and visit to chippy    
Weather: Dry and pleasantly warm for time of year with a light sea breeze. Dark with one star over South Pier
Comments: Unfortunately very heavy traffic delayed the start but by the time we had walked to the temporary tram terminus at the Pleasure Beach the group had increased by two in number to thirteen. After a short wait we caught a tram to Red Bank Road at Bispham. There was a shortage of bushes at Bispham but after a short while we were able to depart on the five mile journey on foot to Starr Gate. The Bispham area was a sea of bodies, all milling around the illuminated tableaux. By the time we reached Uncle Toms Cabin the crowd had thinned out and we had a pleasant walk to the North Pier. Here it was quite busy but we managed to steer our way through the throng to New Bonny Street (near to the Tower) and the Celebrated Fish and Chip shop. Having sampled the food and toilets we then headed off for the promenade to pass both Central and South Piers and then the Pleasure Beach to arrive at Starr Gate just a little tired. Thanks to those that joined the walk and apologies to those who may have been held up in static traffic.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Ready for the 'off'


First view and it's quicker to walk


Guess who sponsored this section!


The 'Big One' looks down on the queuing traffic


It looks pretty steep up there . . .


and a long way to the top


They always arrive in threes!


Anyone for a tea stop


All aboard the Choo Choo!


Or a cruise without limit


  Lasers at the south pier




Not so crowded now

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