Sunday, 30th August 2009




Walk: A day round the reservoirs, Leeming, Thornton Moor, Ogden, Warley Moor and Leashaw
Start Point: Penistone Hill Country Park car aprk Grid Reference: SE 019 363
Distance: 12 miles Ascent: 2,000 feet
Time: 6.75 hours    
Weather: Dry with some sun during the morning, clouding over by mid morning and intermittent mainly light rain during the afternoon.
Comments: We set off via Upper Marsh & Marsh, 2 small hamlets and on to Oxenhope, before we took to the moors and past the first of the reservoirs, Leeming, and up the Bronte Way onto Thornton Moor and past the next, Thornton Moor Reservoir as we climbed up Hambleton Lane. Then down a permissive Water Board path along a pleasant wooded valley to Ogden Reservoir, a popular leisure area for the residents of nearby Halifax. After lunch (still dry) on some strategically placed picnic tables along side the reservoir it was back up onto Ovenden Moor, and the rain started as we went round the Wind Farm and past Warley Moor Reservoir where the local sailing club were out in spite of the mist and drizzle. Having lost height again it was back over Oxenhope Moor where the path was on the map but little evidence on the ground. Out came the compasses and were able to find our way down to the last of the reservoirs, Leeshaw, and a gentle climb back to the cars.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Sunny start walking into Marsh




Group at Leeming Reservoir looking south east


Looking north over Leeming reservoir


Wot no head!


On Bronte Way looking north to Leeming Reservoir & Oxenhope


Time for coffee near . . .


Thornton Moor Reservoir


Through the heather over Hambleton Lane


Down into valley, but left and not over the moor


Looking north to head of the valley (no name?)




Along the Water Board permissive path


Lunch stop - 3 wise monkeys + 2 . . .


+ 5 more at Ogden Water Reservoir


Across the dam . . .


and up to the wind farm


Past Warley Moor Reservoir


Leeshaw Reservoir

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