Sunday, 31st May 2009




Walk: Guys, Street Bridge, Coreless Mill, Dolphinholme, Wagon Road, Street Bridge (again), Foxhouses, Lea Green
Start Point: Scorton picnic site Grid Reference: SD 504 503
Distance: 5.5 miles Ascent: Negligible
Time: 3 hours    
Weather: Wonderful weather
Comments: There were 20 on the walk. It was very pleasant, mainly along the riverside, where dozens of people were picnicking and enjoying themselves in the water, and through woodland which provided pleasant shade. Where we passed through open land there were good views over Nicky Nook and the Bowland Fells. There is an interesting old mill chimney just outside the village of Dolphinholme. The mill in the village, now converted into apartments, used to direct the smoke from the boilers through a tunnel, to be expelled through the chimney on higher ground out of the village.

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Scorton picnic site


River Wyre


That's nice to know!


Oh dear, there's 20 of us


Old mill chimney at Lower Dolphinhome

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