Saturday, 4th April 2009




Walk: Grisedale Valley, Grisedale Tarn, St Sunday Crag and Birks
Start Point: Patterdale car park Grid Reference: NY 397 159
Distance: 9 miles Ascent: 2,900 feet
Weather: Very strong winds and rain.
Comments: With a forecast of improving weather conditions seven hardy souls headed up Grisedale valley. Just past the climbers hut we encountered heavy rain and blustery conditions so four members of the group turned back. The remaining three pushed on in drier but very much stronger wind. On the climb to the summit of St Sunday Crag we found the wind so strong that it was difficult to keep walking. A shorter route than was planned was taken to end the walk.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Ready for the start at Patterdale


John leads the way along Grisedale


We admire the view from the footbridge before we continue . . .


to Ruthwaite Lodge . . .


where we stop . . .


for a coffee break


Looking up, High Crag and Nethermost Crag were lost in the mist


Grisedale Tarn - in the rain (click here and scroll down to see what it looks like on a sunny day)


Our route up to Deepdale Hause lies to the right of centre . . .


but St Sunday Crag is misty and very windy


As we head for Birks we are treated to a glimpse of Ullswater

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