Sunday, 22nd August 2010




Walk: Threshfield: Malham Moor, Mastiles Lane, Street Gate, Gordale Scar, Weets Top, Hetton Common and Boss Moor
Start Point: Skirethorns Lane, Threshfield Grid Reference: SD 985 639
Distance: 15.5 miles Ascent: 2,200 feet
Time: 6.5 hours    
Weather: A dry and sunny day with a light breeze
Comments: 6 members set off on a nice sunny day with a slight breeze which was perfect walking weather. Crossing Malham Moor we skirted past a number of historic settlements as we climbed steadily up to Mastiles Lane. This lane is over 2000 years old connecting the former Masonic grange of Kilnsey in Wharfdale with the Malham area. It played a vital role in Masonic times and has since then been used as a trade route, Roman marching camp and a drovers lane.
We did pass through the remains of a 1st century Roman marching camp which straddled the lane, but the only real evidence today is a sign on the wall showing the area covered.
After stopping for refreshments we continued on up to Street Gate from where we dropped down to visit Gordale Scar a cavern created 15 million years ago during the Ice ages. From here we climbed up to Weets Top for a well deserved lunch stop with clear views all around.
The walk back from Weets Top to Threshfield across Hetton Common and Boss Moor was quite different as the landscape changed from the very predominant limestone pavements and crags seen up till then to rough open moorland covered in heather.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

A group of beehives . . .


with a warning sign close by


The limestone strata gives the look of an amphitheatre


Bordley House, built in 1818


The man-made mound makes a good coffee stop - but what is buried underneath?!!


We exit Mastiles Lane via Street Gate


An interesting field system alongside Hawthorns Lane, as we descend to Gordale Bridge


As we enter the gorge, on the scree slope . . .


we spot of couple of young men descending a 'slippery slope'


The group stops to take a first look at the waterfall . . .


while Ian and Robb take a closer look . . .


and the sun catches the higher waterfall


A group of walkers . . .


ascend the tufa steps . . .


making their way to the top of the difficult section


A last look at the climb . . .


before heading out of the gorge


Where are the Indians?


Weets Top . . .


is the ideal spot for lunch


Looks like a group of Highland cattle . . .


but where are the horns?

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