Sunday, 8th August 2010




Walk: Harry Guard’s Wood, Holme Fell, Hodge Close, Stang End, Colwith Force, Hollin Bank, Low Arnside, Iron Keld Plantation, Tarn Hows and Tom Gill
Start Point: Tom Gill car park (pay) Grid Reference: SD 322 999
Distance: 7.8 miles Ascent: 1,487 feet
Time: 6.25 hours    
Weather: Misty and muggy at the start with the clouds lifting early afternoon when the sun made its presence felt
Comments: The leader today was a very brave young lady who volunteered, for the first time, to take her more mature friends for a walk over the Lakeland Fells. Starting at Tom Gill car park on the Ambleside to Coniston road the path passed through Yew Tree Farm to start the longish ascent through Harry Guards Wood and Uskdale Gap to Holme Fell. Here the “A” party did a short optional walk to higher ground before rejoining the main group on their descent to an un-named tarn and a quarry at Hodge Close. At this time there was a little mist about and it was rather humid. A few minutes were spent at the quarry whilst a man was watched climbing a sheer face. Fortunately our new leader did not choose this route but continued on through the natural beauty of Lakeland along more suitable paths towards Strang End and on to view Colwith Force. Shortly after, the group stopped for lunch below Hollin Bank and gazed on the beautiful scenery as the clouds began to lift revealing some of the higher and more distant fell tops. The route then continued upwards again to Iron Keld and Iron Keld Plantation. (“Keld” is possibly a Scandinavian word for a Spring). Before descending to Tarn Hows a splinter group climbed to take in the view from Black Crag. (Very versatile is the new leader!). On re-grouping, the party then descended towards Tarn Hows (which until 1974 was in Lancashire) and walked clockwise around it to leave it to follow a watercourse on the south west tip of the tarn. This path descended quite steeply through a wooded area passing Tom Gill on the way. (“Gill” can mean: small ravine, a wooded glen or a brook). Shortly after, the group arrived back at the car park a little tired but exhilarated by the walk and surroundings. The leader made such a good job of leading that the group are looking forward to her next walk. Thank you Deborah!

NB. If you are reading this and you lost some keys on the path around Tarn Hows, they were deposited with the Warden there.

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Deborah and her group


A misty and muggy start at Yew Tree Farm


Climbing to Holme Fell through Harry Guards Wood


The 'A' party off to Holme Fell


Deborah leads her group down through Hodge Close and quarries


A hitch hiker


A small un-named tarn


Circumnavigating the tarn


A crossing of the waters


A climber in action at Hodge Close


The site of a former quarry


Not the end of the road for walkers!


Roses around the door at Hodge Close


On the way to Colwith Force


Nearing Colwith Force


Colwith Force


Lunch stop near to Hollins Bank


The clouds begin to lift


Climbing Hollins Bank


Sue, David and Bill catching up


Along the mountain track


Descending to Iron Keld and Tarn Hows


Name these fells


Part of Tarn Hows


Tarn Hows


Local residents


A popular spot on Tarn Hows


Tom Gill

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