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Walk: Lower Lickhurst, Waddacre Scout Camp, Bleasdale Church (St Eadmer’s), Bleasdale Tower, Broadgate Wood, Huds Brook Plantation, Butt Hill, Clarkson’s Farm and River Brock.
Start Point: Brock Valley Car Park (Brock Mill) Grid Reference: SD 548 430
Distance: 9 miles Ascent: 856 feet
Time: 5.25 hours    
Weather: Overcast with some outbreaks of watery sunshine and a slight cool breeze. A little wet under foot!

Leaving the car park behind, the group of eighteen headed for Lower Lickhurst, first passing through a snowdrop covered woodland on the way. Turning left the group passed Middle Lickhurst on the way to Snape Rake Lane. Higher Lickhurst is not far away but was not on the route. Snape Rake Lane is possibly a one time Roman Road. Passing Waddacre Scout Camp the route continued to Wood Top Farm before descending to the River Brock via the Scout Chapel. The scout’s archery range made a comfortable resting place for elevenses.  Here, the leader pretended to be William Tell and others aimed mock bows at him. It’s a good job they didn’t realise how muddy the walk was going to be, or it might have been for real. The party left the wooded riverside after a short distance to emerge into open fields with views of Beacon Fell, Parlick and Fairsnape, the latter two having a sprinkling of snow on top!  Taking a private estate road the party passed recently planted areas of young trees. Each area of woodland, it is said, is named after the farmer's daughters. More about Lower Fairsnape Farm can be found at,
Further along the road is Bleasdale School and St Eadmer's Church which serve the farms and hamlets that nestle below the higher ground bounded by Hazlehurst Fell, Fair Snape Fell and Parlick at the western edge of the Forest of Bowland,  If you are interested in the church's history, information can be found at,  Click on, “The Churches” to find Bleasdale Church.  At Admarsh Barn the route turned west over fields to join a private road to Bleasdale Tower. On the descent from Bleasdale Church views of the Fylde Coast and other distant places could be seen. Nearby, a Packhorse Bridge could be seen, spanning the River Brock at “Brooks”. Soon after passing the front of Bleasdale Tower, the group crossed one of many wet and muddy fields to pass through, Broadgate Wood, around Broadgate and High Moor Farms to reach Huds Brook Plantation.  Unfortunately, one member of the group took a tumble into the mud. It was rumoured that this was because he didn’t get sufficient time, earlier, to have a drink. Also, the fact that he was unable to eat his dessert, because of a forgotten spoon, at lunch time didn’t go down too well either. However, he did keep a smile on his face. Continuing after lunch, the group walked to Butt Hill and Foggs Farm before encountering another sodden field near to High House (where the leader’s wife lived as a child). Here, the group unanimously agreed that the leader should be given the “The Muddiest Walk Award”. Things improved after this and the group descended to Clarkson’s Farm on May Lane to do a little road walking up to Mount Pleasant and Bannister Hey. Dropping down to the River Brock, any remaining coffee was drunk and a spoon found for a, still smiling, man to eat is trifle. A further three quarters of a mile saw the group back at Brock Mill Picnic Site where muddy boots could be washed in the river. 

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Norman gathers his troops


Snowdrops in the woods as we leave the car park


We are in for a bit of scouting


The Scouts' Chapel


It's coffee time . . .


with Norman Tell . . .


in the camp


We leave Waddecar


Mind your head Bob


Entering Bleasdale


A new wood named after the planter's wife


Still some snow on Fair Snape


Friendship . . .


at Bleasdale School


St. Eadmer's Church . . .


is worth a visit . . .


at Admarsh in Bleasdale


Old packhorse bridge at Brooks


Oooh! I have to stand here in all weathers


Bleasdale Tower . . .


with a fine view of Beacon Fell


Leaving Broadgate Wood after lunch


Regrouping before we . . .


return along the River Brock.

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