Sunday, 6th June 2010




Walk: Lowther Gardens, Witch Wood, Lytham Railway Station, Green Drive, Easthams Caravan Park, Railway Line, A584, Embankment walk from Warton to East Lytham, Promenade walk back to starting point
Start Point: Lowther Pavilion, Lytham Grid Reference: SD 360 270
Distance: 6.25 miles Ascent: Very little
Time: 3.3 hours    
Weather: Dull, but no rain (until the end of the walk)
Comments: 14 walkers enjoyed the ramble in the surrounds of Lytham. Good conditions underfootThank you Cyril

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What are they looking for in Witch Wood?


A picture in a tree


Cyril still in the lead on Lytham Promenade

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