Wednesday, 9th June 2010




Walk: Longridge, Club Row & Quarryman’s Arms. Knowle Green, Kellets Farm and Spade Mill Reservoir
Start Point: Longridge Civic Centre car park Grid Reference: SD 604 375
Distance: 8 miles Ascent: 930 feet
Time: 4.75 hours    
Weather: Mainly dull with some brighter spells towards end of walk
Comments: The walk set off up through Longridge, with the flags flying, but not really for us. There were two points of interest at Club Row & Quarryman’s Alms (see photos) before we took to the fields to follow a path that went along the lower slope of the ridge to Longridge Fell. This connected a series of old farms from Billingtons, Jenkinsons, Old Rhodes, Sharples, Higher Birks, White Fold, Bradleys, Turnley’s and to Dale House, where we turned to climb up through the woods onto the Longridge Golf Course and onto the ridge again, at Four Acre Farm. From there it was down hill to Knowle Green and on to Kellets Farm and Scott House. Here we took to the field paths back to the Spade Mill Reservoir and up to Longridge Restaurant and back through Longridge.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Start up through Longridge


First Building Society, 1794


Club Row


Longridge Restaurant . . .


 was the Quarryman's Arms. (Does that make it a Beetle's Dive)


Dorothy sets off up the road . . .


and we leave the outskirts of Longridge




Unusual gateway, or what? Water Board?


Near Jenkinsons


Coffee stop at Bradley's Farm


Across the meadow to Turnley's Farm


Approaching Dale House . . .


then up through the woods onto the ridge . . .


and a quick walk over the Longridge Golf Course, FORE


Mast at Four Acre Farm


Hotel Babylon . . .


 at Knowle Green


Nice display of pansies


Cottages at Knowle Green


Farmer's wife looks after the chickens


Kelletts Farm


Ve r vatching u, at Scott House!


The old gate posts still have life in them . . .


at this fort

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