Sunday, 28th March 2010




Walk: Levens Hall, Hincaster, Sedgwick & Kendal.
Start Point: Lay-by on old A6 near Levens Bridge Grid Reference: SD 495 854
Distance: 11.5 miles Ascent: 1,200 feet
Time: 5.25 hours    
Weather: Cloudy bright with some sunny spells
Comments: Our group of 12 crossed over the River Kent at Levens Bridge before heading North from Levens Hall, past High Barns and Hincaster Hall before passing through Hincaster and over Tunnel Hill. The tunnel is the Hincaster Tunnel that the Leeds & Liverpool Canal passed through when it was operational. From here we dropped down to go over the A590, and headed for Well Heads, before reaching Sedgwick where we joined the line of the old canal that went through to Kendal, before it was cut off at Tewitfield when the M6 was built. The line of the old canal is obvious as it is marked with remnants of its infrastructure, bridges in the middle of fields and towpath with canal banks. As we entered the outskirts of Kendal we stopped on the bank of the River Kent for lunch, before crossing to the other side to head back to Levens. First along the west bank to Hawes Bridge, crossing to the east side until the bridge at Wilson place. It was then back on the west side, passing under the A 590 before entering Levens Park back to the cars.

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Leaving the road past estate buildings


Levens Hall and topiary


High Barns


Hincaster Hall


Approaching . . .




Over Tunnel Hill


Over the A590


A fine tree and animal shelter


Well Heads


Wellheads Farm


Nearing Sedgwick


Sedgwick from the aquaduct


Canal bridge but no canal, now


Canal towpath and no water . . .


but this one is still a road bridge


River Kent as we approach Kendal . . .


for lunch


River Kent looking south from Romney Bridge . . .


as we head back to Levens


Tranquil river as we . . .


pass Prizet . . .


but it quickens as we approach Hawes Bridge


Looking north . . .


and south


Suspension bridge at Wilson Place


John feels it sway


Dangerous Water and fish pass . . .


on the R. Kent, but no salmon jumping today . . .


near the A590 underpass path


Park Head cottage, nice daffodils


Back through Levens Park

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