Sunday, 7th March 2010




Walk: Ashes Lane, Dales Way, Potter Tarn, Gurnal Dubs, Latchbank and Bowston
Start Point:  End of Ashes Lane Grid Reference: SD 474 966
Distance: 10.7 miles Ascent: 1,360 feet
Weather: Glorious morning, bright, cold and very little wind.
Comments: We met a bunch of youngsters on a pre- Duke of Edinburgh taster walk, carrying huge, heavy rucksacks, walking the Dales Way to Kendal. Norman's first thoughts were that they were carrying big lunches. Next excitement was an unprovoked attack by 2 angry geese, white ones at that. Absolutely fearless, even when prodded and struck with poles, kicked, and spoken sharply to. June, of course, stood up for them (abandoned in the egg, fostered, poor diet). Now waiting for the inevitable law suits - but the geese flew off before we could get their names. Wouldn't recognise them in a line up either.

It was a relatively straightforward climb to Potter Tarn for lunch - until Brenda said she didn't want to climb further on a big meal. So we lunched at Gurnal Dubs with splendid views all round, the peaks covered in snow and a sparkle in the air.

The descent was uneventful,  through farmland and riverside woods to Burneside and Bowstone, a couple more fields and a railway bridge before a scamper across the main road to the cars. Must have been tired, nearly everyone had stopped talking by then. 18 got back, the same number we started with.

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Group sets off along Ashes Lane . . .


and past Ashes


River Kent . . .


and a coffee stop


Crossing the river near Hagg Foot


Side House


On the climb up to . . .


Potter Tarn . . .


and the up to . . .


Gurnal Dubs . . .


for lunch


A tranquil scene as we leave . . .


along the Green Lane past Potter Fell


Descending with unusual hill, or is it a mound






Sprint Mill


Back along the River Kent, with wier, near Burneside 

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