Sunday, 7th November 2010




Walk: Fell Foot, Bleasdale School, Stang Yule, Hazelhurst Fell, Fiendsdale Head, Home House Fell, Fair Snape Fell, Wolf Fell, Saddle End
Start Point: Fell Foot road Grid Reference: SD 601 442
Distance: 13.2 miles Ascent: 1,880 feet
Time: 6 hours    
Weather: A clear and sunny autumn day with a cold wind in exposed places
Comments: Four members joined the leader on a pleasant walk with gradual ascents and descents. Despite the wet weather of the previous week the 'boggy' areas were passable without too much trouble. After walking through the fields, past Bleasdale School and St Eadmer's Church we joined the minor road just before the packhorse bridge. Great views were to be had to the south after passing Fell End and a few renegade pheasant could be spotted in Fell Plantation. Our route then took us above the plantation with even better views across to the Lakeland Fells with the Isle of Man just visible beyond the wind farm. A break was taken for morning coffee before we left the stony track to head across moorland to the trig point on Hazelhurst Fell. Continuing on Ian took us on a short detour to visit the site of a plane crash in 1944. A 'juicy' track led us across to Fiendsdale Head where we regrouped for a photo before heading off on an 'expedition' across Home House Fell - a much more interesting (pathless) route than following the fence line, and leading directly to Fair Snape Fell where we stopped for lunch. Heading across to Wolf Fell our intrepid explorers detoured to take in the cairn at the highest point - surrounded by soggy peat!! It was then a pleasant (and dry) walk across Wolf Fell and down to Saddle End. From here we turned west to walk past Wolfen Hall and back to the cars.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

An unusual wall stile, with Beacon Fell in the distance


Blindhurst Farm - not the easiest place to navigate


Time to take a layer off . . .


before crossing the fields and woodland to Bleasdale


Brooks Packhorse Bridge crosses the River Brock


Brooks Barn


A pheasant hides in the woodland


The Lakeland Fells can be seen in the distance


Forton Service Station in the centre of the picture with Heysham Power Station to the left and Black Combe across the water


Time for coffee with Fair Snape Fell on the left and Parlick on the right


I can fly!!!!!


Hazelhurst Fell


One bird seems happy . . .


to sit in an exposed position . . .


close to the grouse butts!!!


Site of the plane crash . . .


which happened in 1944 . . .


and nearby . . .


more evidence of the crash


A single (standing) stone guides us across a boggy section . . .


to Fiendsdale Head


A spot of colour on the way across Home House Fell . . .


with views down to Bleasdale


An 'island' on the fell


Fair Snape Fell trig point and Paddy's Pole


The highest point of the fell


The sun picks out  . . .


the bottom of Parlick . . .


as we make our way down a lovely grassy path . . .


past a colourful copse . . .


where a beech tree is resplendent in its autumn dress


The paragliders take the easy way down to the cars

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