Sunday, 10th October 2010




Walk: Hurstwood, Swinden Reservoir, Bronte Way, Lad Law, Widdop Reservoir, Raistrick Greave, Hoof Stones Height
Start Point: Hurstwood car park Grid Reference: SD 881 313
Distance: 15.5 miles Ascent: 2,850 feet
Weather: A bright, mild and sunny day
Comments: 8 members were joined by 4 locals on a walk later to be named by our Chairman as the “ten green bottles walk” as for various reasons this party of 12 was reduced to just 7 by the time we had returned to our cars at the end of the day.

The day had started well as we set off walking, in bright mild sunny weather, across fields to join the Bronte Way at Swinden.

Keeping to the high ground we left the Bronte Way cutting across rough pathless terrain to join the Burnley Way and now Pennine Bridleway where we stopped for a well deserved tea break. As we followed the road back onto the Bronte Way some seventy odd bikers on vintage motor bikes passed us by as if to remind us that we were on the verge of entering Heartbeat Country: Yorkshire.

The Bronte way was a clear well defined path, but that was all to change as we cut sharp right to climb up Boulsworth Hill towards its summit Lad Law. At 1,696ft Lad Law is the highest point of the South Pennines of South Eastern Lancashire. From here there were clear views of Pendle Hill, the Forest of Bowland, the Yorkshire Dales and the South Pennines.

We dropped down over rough moorland to join the Burnley Way again, skirting past Widdop Reservoir where we stopped for lunch. Leaving the Burnley Way we crossed Shuttleworth Moor down passed Dicken Rocks (enormous black boulders) on the left to the Grouse Butts between the two Gorple Reservoirs. From here the going really got tough underfoot as we headed over wet boggy moorland to Raistrick Greave an old farm ruin in a very desolate spot. We continued on over a very wet and boggy Hoar Side Moor eventually reaching the summit of Hoof Stones Height which sits on the Lancashire / Yorkshire border. From here it was down hill all the way as we followed the Pennine Bridleway back to the car park.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Passing through the gate onto the Bronte Way


Heading off along the Bronte Way


Leader checks the route across the rough pathless terrain from the Bronte way to the Burnley Way


Team stop on Pennine Bridleway


Old ruin on Bronte Way


Abbot Stone on the side of Boulsworth Hill


Lad Law


Lad Law


Widdop Reservoir


Hoof Stones Height

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