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Walk: Leck Beck, Cowan Bridge, Overtown, Nether Burrow, Churchfield House, Cantsfield, Scalber, Longber, High Barn (ruin), Laithbutts, Heberg Hill and Leck.
Start Point: St Peter's Church car park, Leck Grid Reference: SD 642 766
Distance: 8.75 miles Ascent: 450 feet
Time: 4.5 hours    
Weather: Hazy with some sun but cool when the sun had a rest. Mainly dry underfoot.
Comments: British History Online says the western boundary of the township of Leck is termed by the Roman road going north to Carlisle, which here is about 200ft above sea level. From it the surface gradually rises by successive undulations till the foot of the fell is reached, and then it ascends steeply by Leck Fell and Greygarth Fell till a height of 2,000 ft is reached at the meeting point of Lancashire, Westmorland and Yorkshire. The principal road is that from Settle to Kirby Lonsdale, which crosses the lower end of the township and has a branch north-east to the village of Leck and then up the fell side. Close to the main road the London and North-Western Railway Companyís Ingleton branch runs through but has no station.
The location of the start point is a little off the beaten track along narrow lanes but twenty one people arrived on a hazy autumn morning to take part in a gentle walk in the extreme northern part of Lancashire. A start was made by walking down stream of Leck Beck before crossing it and heading for Overtown and then Woodman Lane to reach the outskirts of Nether Burrow. On the way the group encountered a cattle truck in a field gateway but the driver advised them that he was not a cattle rustler. Leaving Nether Burrow behind the party passed Churchfield House and an old stone slab bridge over Cantsfield Beck to skirt the north of Cantsfield. They then continued through Scalber to Longber. Longber, however, is in North Yorkshire and so, with the farmerís wifeís permission, the group hurried back into Lancashire using her alternative route because of recently churned and muddy fields. The hurry was not so much as to leave Yorkshire but to reach the leaders planned lunch stop at High Barn. Although High Barn could be seen on the horizon it could not be reached by the path shown on the map because maize of about 8 feet in height stood in the way. Instead the group followed the periphery of the field part way before being forced by vegetation to walk through the orderly ranks of maize. All those that entered the maize crop did however eventually appear for lunch at High Barn. Although there had been warm sunshine for most of the morning the sun decided to take break also, and it became quite cool. The sun did re-appear later though as the group walked the last three miles or so of the ramble on their way through Laithbutts and around Heberg Hill back to Leck. The weather was very kind but it did provide a haze which teased ones eyes in so much that nearby hills could only be seen as a hazy outline. There were many sights of trees and foliage changing in to their autumn colours but at the same time there was evidence of blackberry blossom, honeysuckle in bloom and road side flowers normally seen in spring or early summer. A good walk, good company, good weather and most important of all, a good leader!

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The Vicarage


Leck Beck


Crossing Leck Beck


Slab bridge over Cantsfield Beck


Down hill towards lunch


Going around . . .


and through a maize crop . . .


to reach a barn for lunch


Sun lit sheep


A tree in autumn attire


Bill and berries


A simple bridge


St Peter's Church, Leck

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