Sunday, 17th October 2010




Walk: Scout Scar, Barrowfield, Burnbarrow Scar, Wells Garth, Brigsteer Park, Cinderbarrow, Holeslack Farm, Briggs House Farm, Helsington Laithes and Bradleyfield.
Start Point: Quarry car park on Kendal/Underbarrow road Grid Reference: SD 488 924
Distance: 9.7 miles Ascent: 1,350 feet
Time: 5.5 hours    
Weather: Sunny but cool at the start. A hint of rain at lunch time and overcast for the rest of the afternoon.
Comments: Twelve people departed the quarry car park, and unusually the ladies were out numbered. The ladies were still out numbered when, later, two more people joined the group after a mix up with regard to the car park location. Walking along Scout Scar, Morecambe Bay could be seen in the distance with the Lyth Valley lying a long way below to the right. Shortly after passing Hodgson’s Leap the group descended 200 feet of escarpment to walk through woodland to emerge on to Burnbarrow Scar before a further descent via Wells Garth to the level of the Lyth Valley below. Enjoying a pleasant walk through the woodlands of Brigsteer Park the group arrived at Cinderbarrow where a gradual ascent to Holeslack Farm began. After a slightly damp lunch the group passed Briggs House Farm on the way to Helsington Laithes. On route a distant Kendal and some of its eastern hills could be seen. Although the scenery was generally pleasant to the eye, there was an odd eyesore in the way of mountains of fill material around the base of some new agricultural buildings at a farm. Perhaps it will be covered in greenery next year. On the way across a field a herd of cows was encountered but what wasn’t realised until the far side was reached was that one of the herd was of a different gender. Fortunately the bull was more interested in its lady friends than a bunch of ramblers. On reaching the A591 at Helsington Laithes the group used a path on its east because the path on the west was said to be obstructed. From the A591 the route was to the Brigsteer road and then by the old racecourse before starting a long gradual climb over Bradleyfield before turning right on Scout Scar to return to the start point. A walk over open limestone country, through autumn tinted woods and across dry green fields made a pleasant day. Thank you leader!

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Panorama on the way to Scout Scar


Descending from Scout Scar to Barrowfield


Sunshine on Township Allotments




Heading for Brigsteer


Heslington Barrows . . .


and again . . .


and once more


From whence we came


Elevenses above Park End Farm


Cottage at Park End Farm


Dorothy leads the way


Nature's Art


Nuts! - but what kind


Eyesore of the day


Keep away from my ladies!


Under the A591


Limestone on Scout Scar

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