Thursday, 21st October 2010




Walk: Bispham and Blackpool
Start Point: Red Bank Road/Queen's Promenade, Bispham Grid Reference: SD 307 397
Distance: 4 miles Ascent: 50 feet
Time: 2.75 hours    
Weather: Wall to wall darkness, a bit breezy but dry.
Comments: The walk was by request and it appears that it is becoming an annual event. The route was reversed this year because trams are not operating between Starr Gate and the Pleasure Beach. Meeting on the Queens Promenade/Red Bank Road at Bispham the fifteen strong group headed south for the Pleasure Beach with a descent of fifty feet. The return journey was by tram. At the start of the walk the wind was quite blustery and hats had to be tied down. The only dampness was from sea spray! Although it was night the route was well illuminated by millions of coloured light bulbs at Blackpool Council's expense. It was relatively quieter than previous years because half term had not yet commenced. Work is still in progress on the sea defences and some walkers stopped to watch three men who were polishing concrete in the dark. At about the half way stage the annual visit was made to the Fish and Chip shop in the Coral Island complex for a late tea/early supper. Returning to the promenade the journey continued south where on the way the group admired the “Illuminations” and took in the fresh sea air. A little wind blown and tired the group then enjoyed a journey by tramcar from The Pleasure Beach to Bispham.

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They always come in threes


The Tea Party


And the sun shone


A ship in the night . . .


followed by a train


The Tower


A psychedelic wheel


The late shift polishing concrete on the promenade


Coral Island and Chippy


Wheel on Central Pier


A mermaid on point duty


South Shore




Pleasure Beach


The Big One

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