Sunday, 11th December 2011




Walk: Old Rhodes, High House, Forty Acre Farm, Hesketh Lane, Blackmoss Farm and Derby Arms.
Start Point: Derby Arms, Thornley with Wheatley Grid Reference: SD 606 393
Distance: 6.5 miles Ascent: 750 feet
Time: 4 hours    
Weather: Heavy rain, light rain, mist on Longridge Fell but dry by mid-day. Warm for December.
Comments: Heavy rain did not deter twenty nine people from taking part in the walk (Perhaps it was because they had pre-paid for their Christmas Meal). The number was swelled by some of the fitter members who normally take part in the more strenuous walks. From the Derby Arms the deputy leader took a route that ascended to Forty Acre Lane and then to Longridge Golf Course on Longridge Fell. The weather up there was quite misty and it was a surprise to see the participants of a running race emerge from the murk. The party took a break for coffee at Santa’s Grotto in the woods on the edge of the golf course before descending to the wetter plains by the River Loud. By this time the rain and mist had disappeared and people’s faces began to emerge from their soaking cocoons. The last leg of the walk was on reasonable paths and this gave a chance for people to dwell on what they would choose from the menu on arrival at the Derby Arms. The meal was excellent and the deputy leader did a very good job of guiding the party around the route even though she had only an hour's notice. Well done leader and thanks to the chef.

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Christine and Judith (plus Christmas trees)


John's interpretation of a reindeer . . .


as we gather at the Derby Arms . . .


for a wet start to the Christmas Meal Walk


The cows look at us as though we're mad as we tramp past in the pouring rain


A sign of things to come


The wooden stiles . . .


and wall stiles are equally very slippery today


Heading on the road to Longridge Fell


The laidies are unaware that . . .


three (un)-wise men are about overtake them in the Longridge 7 mile race


Crossing Longridge golf course . . .


bunkered - no golf today


A Winter Woodland holds a secret . . .


a Ramblers tea stop . . .


or Santa's Grotto?


Heading down . . .


to the flooded fields


Longridge Fell now clear of mist - Santa's Grotto is on the tree-skyline


Heading over water logged ground to the River Loud and Hesketh Lane


The River Loud and mist over Kemple End


Good job someone put a bridge here


We agree with the cows - who would walk in weather like this?


Logs for the Christmas Grate maybe


Plenty of H2O in the area


Enjoying our Christmas Meal . . .


at the Derby Arms . . .


with thoughts of rain and boggy fields . . .


in the past!!!!

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