Wednesday, 5th January 2011




Walk: Lancaster Canal (Preston to Kendal), High Park Head, Hill Top at Barton, Mount Pleasant Farm, Bilsborrow.
Start Point: Public CP adjacent to The Roebuck, Bilsborrow Grid Reference: SD 509 395
Distance: 5.5 miles Ascent: under 500 ft
Time: 3 hrs    
Weather: Damp at the start with sunshine and a rainbow later. Temperature around 5 degrees.
Comments: The earlier light rain disappeared as twenty seven people departed the “Roebuck Inn” to join the Preston to Kendal Canal or Lancaster Canal and walked south west to White Horse Bridge (bridge 42). The canal was still frozen over and what appeared to be a large mushroom grew out of the ice. On closer examination of a photograph taken at the time it turned out to be a circular cushion with ice under it, the ice having partially melted left a “stem” to support the cushion. At White Horse Bridge the group crossed the canal to follow a lane leading to High Park Head. Along the lane was a pipe-line for conveying slurry. Unfortunately a lorry had damaged the pipe causing slurry to leak onto the lane. The smell was not too bad and fortunately it didn’t cover the tops of ones boots. The next stage took the group to Barton Grange Hotel on the A6. This meant crossing the main West Coast Rail line where trains travel at more than one hundred miles per hour. Fortunately a former pedestrian level crossing as been replaced with a bridge! Crossing the A6 at Barton the group walked towards Preston before turning east at the Boar’s Head, to pass in front of the church of St Lawrence. Passing through a small housing development the path continued to Hill Top before descending to cross Barton Brook. Over the brook the leader took his party north along Barton Lane to Jepps Lane where he turned right into a farm access road before joining a path to Abbots Farm and then Mount Pleasant (Equestrian Centre). On the way the sun shone and a rainbow appeared. After crossing a few more fields Bilsborrow Lane was reached. Turning left the group hastened back to the Roebuck Inn for a well earned meal.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

A still frozen canal at Bilsborrow


Heading for White Horse bridge


This Mushroom appears to be a cushion on the melting ice


Reeds at the side of the Preston to Kendal canal


On the lane to Higher Park Head


2 mph over and 100 mph under this bridge


Graham minds the gate at Hill Top


Single file for a stile


Bill in the lead


A rainbow - but no rain


Sunshine as forecast


St Hilda's Church at Bilsborrow

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