Wednesday, 22nd June 2011




Walk: Odd House Farm, Much Hoole Marsh, St Michaelís Church at Much Hoole, Much Hoole Moss Houses, Walmer Bridge, Longton Brickcroft Nature Reserve.
Start Point: Longton Brickcroft Grid Reference: SD 478 250
Distance: 9 miles Ascent: Negligible
Time: 5.5 hours    
Weather: Overcast with a cool breeze and sunny intervals.
Comments: The leader departed Longton Brickcroft Nature Reserve with a party of twenty two walkers, which included walkers from the Preston and Garstang Groups. A Ranger at the Nature Reserve was also leading a Nature Walk at the same time and fortunately the parties didnít get mixed up. Most people were togged up in rain gear but as luck would have it, it didnít rain and clothing was soon cast off. The first part of the walk was to the north of Longton and the group left in the direction of the River Ribble before turning towards the River Douglas or Asland. The fields varied from pastureland, hay meadows, potatoes, neglected fields and rape fields. Sadly, a couple of Nurseries (the bedding plant growing type) appeared to have gone out of business. Lunch was taken at St Michaelís Church at Much Hoole and considering it was near to the ďlongest dayĒ, the weather was rather cool. It was at this church that Jeremiah Horrocks was a curate in 1639/40 at the age of 21 years. It was in this period that he witnessed the transit of Venus across the Sun, thus achieving a place of fame in the history of astronomy. The second part of the walk was on the south side of the A59. Unfortunately, three stiles in the vicinity of the A59 were completely blocked by hedgerow. (Reported to L.C.C.) In contrast a path that is shown zig zagging across several fields that have been merged in to one had been cleared of rape seed crop and straightened. Wandering down the lanes and paths the group passed through Much Hoole Town to reach Much Hoole Moss Houses before continuing on to Moorhey Farm. Heading down Dob Lane the party re-crossed the A59 (Longton By pass) to cross a recreation field provided with new equipment. Alas there wasnít time to try out the climbing frames. Following more field paths the group emerged on to Drumacre Lane West to return to Longton Brickcroft. A good walk, good company. Thank you leader.

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Leaving Longton Brickcroft


On the line of the former Preston to Southport rail track


One of many horses seen on route


Two young ladies on the former Preston to Southport rail track




Rows of spuds


A drainage ditch at Much Hoole Marsh


On the way to St Michael's Church at Much Hoole


St Michael's Church (built of Dutch bricks) . . .


with sun dial on one side . . .


and a memorial to Jeremiah Horrocks on the other


One of three overgrown stiles on route


Passing through a rape field . . .


and a daisy field . . .


and then a yellow field


Jungle country . . .


with waist high grass


Regrettably there wasn't time to try out the new equipment


A horse fitted with anti-fly tassels


Looking for water fowl . . .


but they are hiding on land

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