Sunday, 8th May 2011




Walk: Thwaite Lane, Norber Brow, Crummack Farm, Moughton Scars, Sulber Nick, Sulber Gate, Long Scar and Thwaite Scars
Start Point: Clapham car park Grid Reference: SD 745 692
Distance: 10.5 miles Ascent: 1,700 feet
Time: 6.75 hours    
Weather: Warm with sunny spells. It threatened rain several times but none fell on the group. A bit breezy at higher levels!
Comments: An odd spot of rain prior to the start of the walk caused some people to don rain gear. However, before a half mile had been walked people were undressing again. May be this is why the late Farrer family of Ingleborough Hall, constructed three privacy tunnels on their estate. Two, which the group passed through, were to stop the Hoi Polloi from seeing the Farrers or may be it was the other way round. A third tunnel was for the servants to enter the Hall also out of sight of the Farrers. Ingleborough Hall is now owned by the City of Bradford MDC and is used as an outdoor education centre. Having walked through the dark eerie tunnels, unseen by the inmates of the hall, the group followed Thwaite Lane before crossing fields and passing in front of Robin Procter’s Scar to climbing one of our leaders “Up Bits” toward Norber Brow. Following an unmarked, but well defined path the group had a chance to take in the local scenery and a view of Pendle Hill (which the group conquered on a previous occasion) before descending to Crummack Farm. Then, after following a track south for a short distance, the group followed a path to Moughton Scars. As the fours group (Moderate Sunday) climbed upwards they met the Twos group who were settling down to lunch having descended from Moughton. Lunch was taken by the Fours on Moughton Scars with a panoramic view all around. Pen-y-Ghent was bathed in sunshine to the east as Ingleborough in the west was getting a downpour of rain. Again people struggled into rain gear only to discard it within a quarter of an hour. From Moughton Scar the leader then took the group by Sulber Nick to turn left towards Ingleborough before turning left again towards Sulber Gate and Thieves Moss. It was in this area that a Skylark could be heard singing as it hovered virtually unseen. After a long but mainly level walk, with views all round the leader allowed a stop for afternoon tea or coffee at Long Scar. From there it was mainly down hill to join a track known as Long Lane (very long when one is getting a little tired) that overlooks Clapham Beck. Turning right at the end of the lane the group descended and passed through the privacy tunnels once again to arrive back at Clapham exhilarated by the walk and the fact that no one got wet. Well planned leader, a very enjoyable walk.

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Assembly at Clapham


St James Church at Clapham


Entering one of the three-Privacy-tunnels


Sheila leads the way out of a privacy tunnel


Threatening skies over Thwaite Lane


Clapdale Scars with Long Lane to the right


Heading for Nappa Scars


Robin Proctor's Scar


An Elder tree hanging onto life


One of Brian's-Up Bits . . .


and still climbing


Patterns of the Dales


Brian lets Betsy take the lead


Don't look down


More field patterns


Pen-y-Ghent from Crummack (farm)


Fancy meeting you here - the Twos group at lunch


Pen-y-Ghent from Moughton


Lunch for the Fours on Moughton


Rain over Ingleborough but the Fours kept dry


Wild orchid - but which type?


A darker side of Ingleborough (from Sulber Nick)


Birds-eye primrose


A very Long Lane

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