Thursday, 6th October 2011




Walk: Queen's promenade and Blackpool Tower
Start Point: Red Bank Road Bispham Grid Reference: SD 307 397
Distance: 3 miles Ascent: 35 feet
Time: 2.75 hours    
Weather: Gale force winds, sea spray and squally shower
Comments: On a very wild night eleven people took part in what has become an annual event of “Walking the Lights”. At seven o’clock it was decided to commence the walk prior to the illuminations being switched on. The reason being that it was too cold and windy to hang about. The route was free from the usual throng of people with prams and tired children. They had more sense and stayed indoors. Walking along the promenade, being buffeted by the very strong wind, the group laughed and joked about the weather and watched the overhead displays dancing and twinkling in the wind while they struggled to stay upright. No not because of alcohol, but because of the very strong sea breeze! On reaching the usual Fish & Chip shop the group were informed that the “eating in” area was closed. Not to be deterred they soon found another “Chippy” nearby. Until then the rain had stayed away, however, whilst the group enjoyed their fish supper, the heavens opened. Replete once more the group returned to the promenade intending to continue walking to the Pleasure Beach. Alas as they approached Central Pier the rain came down again. Rather than get very wet, and especially after seeing someone being blown over at the pier entrance, common sense prevailed and the group returned to the start point at Bispham by tram. In spite of the weather people said that they had enjoyed the walk and were looking forward to riding on a new tram next year. NB. It would appear that “NoW” bus passes are not accepted during the illumination period after six in the evening on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sundays.

Unfortunately no photographs due to the weather!!!!

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