Sunday, 11th September 2011




Walk: Wycoller - Forest of Trawden
Start Point: Picnic area car park Grid Reference: SD 926 395
Distance: 8.5 miles Ascent: 1,500 feet
Time: 5 hours    
Weather: Mainly dry and breezy
Comments: 16 Ramblers made up the group for today’s walk from Wycoller Village car park. The settlement of Wycoller dates back beyond 1,000BC although there is not much evidence visible today. Wycoller Hall, built in the 16th century, lies in ruins having been allowed to fall into disrepair in the early 19th century after the then owner Squire Henry Owen Cunliffe died leaving substantial debts. The hall is thought to have been the inspiration for Ferndean Manor in Jane Eyre. Our walk took us past the double arch packhorse bridge (800yrs old) and Clapper bridge. We wandered around the ruins of the hall and the old barn information centre before continuing on to admire the Clam bridge, a listed ancient monument over 1,000yrs old which spans the beck. Our route continued up Smithy Clough until intersecting the Pendle Way which follows the base of high moorlands to the South. This well maintained path was followed for several miles before we made the turn for home following paths across pastureland and farm tracks only stopping for a brief lunch by Lund Spout, a waterfall just off the marked footpath.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Group discussions on the approach to Wycoller Hall


A packhorse Bridge at Wycoller





Another view of the bridge


How many horses have passed this way in 800 years


A more primitive form of bridge


A ghostly figure . . .


in Wycoller Hall??????


A hollow pumpkin on a hill (otherwise known as a Panoptican)


A single slab spans the river . . .


Civil Engineering wonders of 1,000 years ago - how did they do it?


Look no hands!!


Leaving Wycoller via the Bronte Way


A sturdy bridge for dainty ramblers . . .


and more contemporary design


What goes down must go up - even on the Pendle Way . . .


where the group wend their way to Pendle Hill Clough


Yes it did rain - only long enough for full wet gear to be adorned


Another bridge - better than stiles . . .


we should have turned left - never mind, lunch soon


A gateway to the stars at Boulsworth Hill


Signs of former Workings


Lund Spout - a water feature hidden from the path and spotted by David


Christine lines up a photo shot

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