Monday, 13th August 2012

Walk: Wyre Estuary
Start Point: Thornton Lodge, Skippool Road, FY5 5LD    
Distance: 4 miles Ascent: Little
Time: 2 hours    
Weather: Warm and humid
Comments: Organised by Gina Morris, four of us did the walk in honour of the visit from Tasmania of Gina's Auntie Mabel, who thinks Fylde Ramblers are a wonderful bunch and has joined our walks on her previous trips to the UK.
She also walked with Fylde Ramblers on Sunday (Pendle Hill) and regaled us with anecdotes about her own walking group back home.
Such is Auntie Mabel's enthusiasm and disappointment at having missed one of Gina's Summer Evening walks at the Wyre Estuary that Gina encored her walk with Auntie Mabel, Bill and Pat.
The four of us took 2 leisurely hours for the four mile walk in the early evening. It was warm and humid and when we had returned and eaten, we were amazed to find a strong storm raging outside; torrential rain and lightning across The Fylde, yet we had managed a dry and delightful walk.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Gina, Bill, Mabel and Pat starting out along Skippool Creek from Thornton Lodge


Generations of boats of every kind and condition


Remnants of Olympic patriotism, the day after the Games finish


Wanted. Were we tempted?


We interrupted this heron's courtship on the banks of the River Wyre


Cockle Hall information


Wyre Estuary Country Park facts


We asked to meet the occupant of this kennel. Either a very tall or very agile beast


Wyre Estuary sunset


The mariner's garden shed?


Ready for another adventure


Gina, Bill and Auntie Mabel: replete after a good walk and a good meal

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