Sunday, 26th August 2012

Walk: Beacon Hill
Start Point: Bolton by Bowland car park Grid Ref: SD 784 493
Distance: 10.5 miles Ascent: 1,300 feet
Time: 6.5 hours    
Weather: Cloudy bright to start, rain later, and then bright and sunny for the afternoon.
Comments: From Bolton by Bowland we made our way across the fields to Sawley. Whilst there was no rain at this stage, the fields were saturated, which was the case all day, but no flooding. From Sawley it was a steady climb up to Till House and Scriddles Farm. As we got to Higher Asker Hill, the first rain swept in from Pendle. By the time that we stopped for lunch in Shivering Ginnel Track, it was brighter but not for long and heavy rain started as we got to the trig point on Beacon Hill. It stayed with us until we got to Lower Heights when it cleared and the afternoon was bright and sunny.
We had a bit of an adventure as the footbridge across Holden Beck had been damaged by a tree trunk washed along by previous flood water. The water was too deep and fast to get across, so we had to use the damaged bridge.
The route back via Greaves, Varleys, Newhurst & Green Ford Farm took us to Stoop Lane and the on to the path back to Bolton by Bowland along Skirden Beck.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Ready for off and it's fine . . .


as we take to the fields


The remains of a stone cross near Bolton by Bowland


Part of the Ribble Valley


The rear guard


A field of maize . . .


where a group of Ramblers could easily get lost!


The River Ribble near Sawley - and it's not quite flooding


Climbing towards Till House . . .


Rain over Pendle


The weather closes in as we head towards Pinewood . . .


but some fields are already flooded


Shivering Ginnel . . .


where lunch can be taken in shirt sleeves


But ten minutes later it's full rain gear on Beacon Hill


The sun shines as we approach Holden Clough . . .


and time to loose a layer or two as we take a tea break


Holden Beck


Flood damage has caused this bridge to drop into the beck . . .


but it is the only way to cross the rushing water . . .


so despite the tricky angle . . .


we carefully navigate . . .


to the other side


The same bridge in 2010, and on the recce


Hay bales stored . . .


near Greaves


Enjoying a bright spell


Brian's in charge of the gates


Shaggy beasts near Varley


Brian finds a novel way to help with the next stream crossing


A manned crossing . . .


where Debbie demonstrates the correct technique . . .


while Brian strides out


Nearing Bolton by Bowland


Skirden Beck

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