Sunday, 22nd January 2012

Walk: Bethecar Moor and Top O'Selside
Start Point: Car park by Coniston Water Grid Reference: SD 296 910
Distance: 11 miles Ascent: 2,600 feet
Time: 5 hours    
Weather: Strong winds with showers early on turning to patchy blue sky and finishing with light rain.
Comments: The walk took in woodland, open fells and some farm land. Starting in woodland our trail led up through trees to a foresters trail which heads towards Grisedale Forrest. Leaving the trail part way, we then ascended to Top O'Selside where we experienced strong winds and showers. Taking various paths/trails we then headed towards Satterthwaite. Our route then took us through further plantations, before emerging on open fells with excellent views, our objective being High Ickenthwaite. Turning west we headed towards Brock Barrow and High Nibthwaite. The final leg was again along the foresters trail to eventually descend back to the cars. Six people braved the day and all enjoyed a good brisk walk.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

Preparing for a wet start




Hanging on to the Top O'Selside


Studying the route through Bethecar Moor


Wouldn't fancy driving my car down there anyway!


Newly cut and neatly stacked


It looks easy for Robb . . .


and also for Tony and Ray


Fells in the distance but which ones?


Lunch break in the sun . . .


and amongst the dead bracken


Heading back towards Coniston

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