Sunday, 27th May 2012

Walk: Linton, Skirethorns, Kealcup Hill, Kilnsey Moor, Conistone, Bull Scar and Sweet Side
Start Point: Car park, Grassington Grid Reference: SE 00285 63709
Distance: 10 miles Ascent: 1,430 feet
Time: 5.75 hours    
Weather: Wall to wall sunshine with a pleasant cooling breeze. Temperature around 20 degrees centigrade.
Comments: Twelve people and the leader spent six hours in glorious weather tramping through limestone country where splendid views were in abundance. On the way they were serenaded by Skylarks and other birds. On the River Wharfe at Linton, the group passed a recently completed hydroelectricity scheme. The electricity generated is to serve the local communities. The route in general was by the way of Kinsley Moor before dropping down to Conistone and then climbing through Bull Scar to return to Grassington by way of the Dales Way. A very enjoyable walk rounded off by a delicious ice cream cornet. Thank you leader for a great day.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

A buttercup field between Grassington and the River Wharfe


A weir on the River Wharfe at Linton


The building in the background is a hydroelectric generating station supplying electricity to Grassington and Linton


An information board relating to th power station


A well worn footbridge at Linton


May blossom by the River Wharfe


Bees at work . . .


making honey


Garlic in profusion


Leaving Wood Nook caravan site behind . . .


and starting one of Brian's ascents


Roger had a Nosey into a barn at Height Laithe


A limestone kiln in limestone country


Another form of leisure


The photographer gets caught talking to a cow


Resting in the heat - around 20 degrees . . .


and this one had horns


A sheep pen on Kilnsey Moor - lunch stop


One of several orchids on Kilnsey Moor


One of the many vistas on the walk


A hair pin bend


The leader tests the bridge - but after everyone had crossed it


The backmarker in action


Conistone . . .


and the start of another of Brian's ascents . . .


up a stoney path at Bull Scar


Roger squeezes through a narrow section


Still ascending through Bull Scar


The route could have been to the tree on the skyline but the wise leader chose an easier route


The group head for Grassington by using part of the Dales Way


A lark ascending - with a song


Near Grassington . . .


where - Walk . . .


With . . .


God - was depicted over a church's windows

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