Sunday, 16th January 2013

Walk: Riley Green and Hoghton Tower
Start Point: Boatyard Inn, Riley Green Grid Reference: SD 625 251
Distance: 5 miles Ascent: 300 feet
Time: 2.5 hrs    
Weather: Dry, some cloud, freezing conditions
Comments: On a lovely cold morning, which froze the mud, we set off along the Leeds Liverpool canal. After turning North through the site of an old paper mill we crossed fields and descended to the bank of the River Darwen. Walking downstream we passed the estate of Hoghton Tower to our left and climbed up to the railway line. The grouped crossed the line in small numbers for safety, and then followed the estate wall to cross in front of the Tower on the entrance driveway. It was then an easy walk downhill back to Riley Green and the pub.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

The start point at Riley Green


A lone cygnet experiences its first winter


Walking in the Leeds direction on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal near to Riley Green


Warning - two Johns


A litter bin for giants at a former paper mill at Feniscowles


Waiting - no not for a bus but for people to catch up


On the way to the River Darwen on the Witton Weavers Way at Feniscowles


Break time near the River Darwen on a dry crisp morning


A weir upstream of Mill House - probably to provide water power via a mill leet to a waterwheel the former mill at Hoghton Bottoms


Ninety foot arches carrying a railway to East Lancashire and beyond


It look like Autumn but its actually January


Hoghton Bottoms


On the north side of Hoghton Tower


Keep to the wall here - it's a bit muddy underfoot


Up the hill to Hoghton Tower where the loin became Sirloin (open to the public in summer)


Tussocks, trees and trampers


John checks for his wallet


Some of the young ladies


Delivery day at Hoghton Tower


Down hill to the Boat Yard Inn and lunch

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