Sunday, 24th March 2013

Walk: Part of the Wyre Way. Guy's Farm, Street Bridge, Coreless Mill, Lower Dolphinholme, Lower Swainshead, Swainshead Hall, Waste Lane, Lane Head, Harrisend Fell, Sykes Farm and Clifton's Farm
Start Point: Scorton Picnic Site Grid Reference: SD 504 503
Distance: 9.7 miles Ascent: 940 feet
Time: 5 hours    
Weather: Fine and mainly sunny with an occasional biting cold wind. Deep drifts of snow in sheltered places after Lower Dolphinholme.
Comments: 14 walkers. Some of the snow drifts covered walls and hedges. The stile and wall entering the farm yard at Lower Swainshead was completely covered and Waste Lane was impassible for the last quarter of a mile. (The farmer helpfully directed us across his fields to by-pass the blockage.)
The snowdrops along the Wyre were dying back and the first daffodils were coming into flower. Plenty of oystercatchers and lapwings (peewits) in the fields near Guys farm.

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The Wyre near Street Bridge


Sheltering for Coffee break at Street Bridge


Drifts by the Wyre


Wyre and bridge to Wyresdale Hall




Heading from Coreless Mill to Lower Dolphinholme


Evidence of Spring on a snowy day in Lower Dolphinholme


As we climbed out of Lower Dolphinholme the snow drifts grew in deoth


We were fortunate that the farmer had made a path through this drift


Patterns in the snow drift


Snapping a snapper


The wind had stripped snow from some of the fields and blown it into large drifts


An old hawthorn hedge


Spring in winter


Approaching Lower Swainshead


At Lower Swainshead the wall and stile were buried under the drift on the left


Heading along Waste Lane. It was blocked by drifts further on and we had to divert


Waste Lane was blocked for 200 yards


The drifts were very deep in a sunken lane


A spectacular drift


A snow chute


Heading towards Lane Head


What a work of natural art!


We eventually escaped the worst of the drifts by crossing Harisend Fell


It was a different world approaching Syke's Farm

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