Sunday, 31st March 2013

Walk: Dow Bank, Grasmere, Easedale Tarn, Stickle Tarn, Pike How, New Dungeon Ghyll, Side House, Oak Howe, Baysbrown, Yew Crags Quarry and Elterwater.
Start Point: Walthwaite Bottom, Elterwater Grid Reference: NY 329 051
Distance: 12 miles Ascent: 3,200 feet
Time: 6.5 hours    
Weather: Dry and cold but with clear skies making for good visibility.
Comments: After ascending to Dow Bank, we descended to Grasmere. Turning northwest we followed the well used track up to Easedale Tarn which was mostly frozen over. Leaving the tourists behind  the route was then on a snow/ice covered path which ascended to a 'pile of stones' where we had lunch with excellent views of the Langdale Fells, including Pavey Ark, Pike of Blisco, Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell. Our next port of call was Stickle Tarn but this could only be reach by picking our way through the heavily coated hillsides, a tumble or two being taken on route. To avoid the possible icy path down Stickle Ghyll, we traversed southeast for the better path coming down between Harrison Stickle and Loft Crag. This worked quite well until a steep snow field was encountered which required some use of a fifth point of contact i.e. the bum. Having reach New Dungeon Ghyll our route was past Baysbrown and through the Yew Crags Quarry and Elterwater. An excellent day made even better with the snow.

A bright start with lots of snow promised


Descending from Dow Bank for Grasmere


Waterfalls of Sour Milk Gill on route to Easedale Tarn (more ice than water)


Who is that using two poles?


Overlooking Easedale Tarn have we picked up a stray walker?


More snow but it still doesn't look too bad until . . .


you look back along our path from Easedale Tarn


It is now colder as the ice shows, and with the paths now icy


View from our lunch stop with a frozen Stickle Tarn and Jack's Rake on the right and Crinkle Crags in the distance


Jenny can't understand why Ray is at the back, maybe it's due to the poles


Oops, but no harm done


Stickle Tarn


Langdale Valley from Pike Howe


Lingmoor Fell and Side Pike in the foreground


Pavey Ark with Stickle Ghyll in the centre of the picture


The last snow obstacles and if you can't get down on your feet use your bum


The Band and Bow Fell

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