Sunday, 19th May 2013

Walk: Troutbeck, Broad End for Woundale and St Ravens Edge, Stony Cove Pike, Threshthwaite Mouth and Thornthwaite Crag ( Beacon). Return via Froswick, Ill Bell, Yoke, Garburn Road (track) and Limefitt Park.
Start Point: Troutbeck bridge Grid Reference: NY 412 027
Distance: 13.5 miles Ascent: 4,150 feet
Time: 6.5 hours    
Weather: Warm with mist on the tops but clearing by mid afternoon.
Comments: From Troutbeck Bridge we passed through the church yard for Troutbeck. Turning North-east we headed for Town End and A592. Taking paths and A592, we arrived at Woundale Raise where we headed due north for Broad End, Woundale and St Ravens Edge. (By now we had been enveloped by mist which persisted until mid afternoon.) Our next port of call was Stony Cove Pike which lead us on via a rocky descent to Threshthwaite Mouth. This was followed by an ascent to Thornthwaite Crag via loose scree slopes. Turning south our return was along the ridge (part of Kentmere round) taking in Froswick (mist now clearing), Ill Bell, and Yoke. With everyone, apart from Ian, feeling suitably tired our final leg was down Garburn Road and Limefitt caravan park .

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Group discussion  . . .


prior to setting off


Troutbeck Village


Is it all going to be this easy?


It may be misty but it is still warm


Exploring previously unused paths . . .


the stream is normally unseen as we are usually in cars on the road above


Kath and Jenny leading the way with Tony, Robb, Garry and Ian in hot pursuit


A short section of road before we head off to . . .


Broad End and up into the mist


Pausing for a group shot above the Kirkstone Pass . . .


Garry shows off his new poles


Continuing through the mist we eventually reach . . .


Stony Cove Pike (Caudale Moor)


Then it's time for the rocky descent into Threshthwaite Mouth . . .


 but what is Tony thinking about?


Arriving at Thornthwaite Crag . . .


it's time for our lunch stop


Looking down on Troutbeck Tongue and Lake Windermere . . .


with Kentmere Reservoir to the left of . . .




After descending Froswick it's time to head back up again to . . .


Ill Bell


As we leave Ill Bell a patch of sunlight graces the Kentmere Valley . . .


and the mist lifts to reveal the reservoir


With a few more miles to go and the hard work done they are still smiling


Robb adds another stone to the cairn on Yoke


Out route: Broad End on the left followed by Stony Cove Pike, Threshthwaite Mouth,
Thornthwaite Crag, Froswick, Ill Bell and Yoke


Ian spots a tiny butterfly

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