Wednesday, 13th November 2013

Walk: Tockholes Plantations, Ruin of Hollinshead Hall, Catherine Edge, Hanging Stones on Turton Moor, Darwen Moor, Duckshaw Clough and Darwen Jubilee Tower
Start Point: Ryal Fold car park Grid Reference: SD 666 215
Distance: 8.8 miles Ascent: 1,250 feet
Time: 5.25 hours    
Weather: Dry and sunny but overcast by mid afternoon
Comments: The group of twenty one first descended to the River Roddlesworth before climbing a gentle gradient to the ruins of Hollinshead Hall for elevenses. Continuing along the Witton Weavers Way to Catherine Edge the leader then took an adventurous uphill route over uncharted ground to the Hanging Stones on Turton Moor. There were no defined paths and the ground was rather boggy and, unfortunately for some, water and mud oozed over boot tops. Lunch was taken at Big Grey Stones on Turton Moor. Visibility was good and fine views could be seen, including Holcombe Tower on Holcombe Moor. Dotted about Turton Moor were concrete posts marking the former Bolton Corporation Water Works boundary. From the Big Grey Stones the group re-joined the Witton Weavers Way for a short distance before crossing Darwen Moor and passing Duckshaw Clough on the way to Darwen Jubilee Tower. Some members of the group took the opportunity to increase their total ascent by climbing the tower to get a better view. By this time a chilly wind was blowing and the group set out on the last leg of the walk by descending Darwen Hill to return to the start point at Ryal Fold. The route was over a mixture of well-defined paths and boggy ground. Anyone wanting to use the route would be well advised to take a map and compass. An enjoyable walk.

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The start of the walk


Making our way through . . .


Tockholes Plantation on the way to . . .


The River Roddlesworth


A remnant of Halloween celebrations at the ruin of Hollinshead Hall


An access area at Longlands heading up towards the Hanging Stones


Trying to find a place to cross a stream . . .


without getting wet feet


This is a water catchment area and there was plenty of it at boot level



Still on the way to . . .


The Hanging Stones


Through the grass . . .


and over a stile . . .


watched over by our leader


On Turton Moor with Holcombe Tower in the distance


Well signed - if you are going to Darwen


Roy stands on what is reputed to be an old coal mine . . .


shown on the map as Shaft


Where's my seat?!


A gathering at the entrance to . . .


Darwen Jubilee Tower


Descending from the Tower in November . . .


and ascending in August

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