Sunday, 5th January 2014

Walk: Upper and Lower Black Moss Reservoirs, Strang Top Moor, Roughlee, Noggarth Cottage (Teas and Ices etc.), Spen Brook, Newchurch in Pendle, Saddlers Height and Ogden Reservoirs
Start Point: Barley Car Park (Toilets & Cafe) Grid Reference: SD 823 403
Distance: 8 miles Ascent: 1,300 feet
Time: 5 hours    
Weather: Dry at first with rain early afternoon. Cool.
Comments: The walk which was in Witch country started from Barley. Sixteen people including the dynamic, charismatic leader took part. (The leader asked for some other highfaluting words to be used but the writer can neither spell them nor understand them). Gradually ascending alongside the two Black Moss Reservoirs the group then ascended still further over Strang Top Moor before dropping down to Roughlee. After a short history lesson at Roughlee Old Hall there was a climb out of Roughlee to find a level bit of walking to Noggarth Cottage (Teas and Ices etc.) and Noggarth End Farm. Here, the path descended to a stream that was followed to Spen Brook. The route then ascended to Newchurch before continuing on over Saddlers Height to Upper Ogden Reservoir and Lower Ogden Reservoir and on to Barley. The path between Newchurch was a little waterlogged due to recent rains and made interesting walking in trying not to get wet feet. (This part might have been better with the aid of a Broomstick).
Unfortunately, larch trees in the area around Upper and lower Ogden Reservoirs have had to be felled due to a fungus like disease. A good walk, pity about the weather.

Scroll down to see photos of the walk

The Take Off Point for the walk - Brooms for hire at reasonable rates


Blacko is the direction today


Not a Body in the reservoir . . .


but an Angler . . .


slinging his hook Brrrrrrrrrrr


Snow over Pendle


Lower Black Moss Reservoir and Pendle Hill


More of Pendle Hill


On the way to Strang Top Moor and Roughlee


Pendle Hill and part of Upper Black Moss Reservoir


A dwelling at Strang Top


The backmarker in action


Still in Pendle Witch country


A slippery descent into Roughlee


Muddy boots and foragers


Where's the Hen Party


The Charismatic leader - his words - points out things of interest at Roughlee Old Hall


An accident zone for low flying witches at Roughlee


Pendle Hill from Fulshaw Head near Roughlee


Another collision zone for witches - must have been flying very low


Climbing to Newchurch soon after the rains came


Passing through the church yard at Newchurch


The Witches Galore shop at Newchurch


Information about Newchurch


One of Newchurch's cottages


The dynamic, charismatic leader in action


Leaving Newchurch and its history behind


Mot Pendle Mist but a fogged up camera lens


Water cascading down from Upper Ogden Reservoir to Lower Ogden Reservoir


Felled Larch trees as a result of a fungus like disease - near the Ogden Reservoir - seen through a wet lens

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