Sunday, 22nd June 2014

Walk: Source of River Ribble
Start Point: Gearstones Grid Reference:  
Distance: 5 miles Ascent: 500 feet
Time: 2 hours
Weather: Sunny periods and warm
Comments: The intention was to use the Dales/Ribble Way, The Ribble Way and Pennine Way to create a ten mile route and to view the source of the River Ribble.  However, as no one arrived to take part, the recce trio decided to move the start point to the West Riding Yorkshire/North Yorkshire boundary on the Lancaster to Richmond road at Widdale Head Moss.  From there they made a five mile round trip to the alleged source of the River Ribble.  The reason for this is that on the day of the recce it was too misty to even attempt to find the source.  Alas, due to the recent dry weather the source was a mere trickle.

Ingleborough from Gayle Moor

Approaching the source of the River Ribble

This mere trickle is the alleged source of the River Ribble

Dorothy North of the River Ribble and Pam South of the River ribble at its source

The way to the source of the River Ribble

An old mile stone at Widdale

Recce day - a view from the Dales and Ribble Way

Recce day - a sign on Cam High Road

Recce day - a logging truck on Cam High Road tp Cam Woodlands

Recce day - hanging around sheepishly near Gearstones

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