Sunday, 2nd March 2014

Towneley Hall, Hameldon Hill, Great Hameldon Hill, Love Clough, Crown Point, Dyneley Farm, Towneley Hall.
Start Point:
Towneley Hall car park
Grid Reference: SD 850 308
Distance: 14.5 miles Ascent: 2,100 feet
Time: 6.5 hours
Weather: Mils with mist and rain later in the day
Comments: Seven started walking today! On a rather disappointing day weather wise as there was low cloud and mist with quite heavy rain later in the day. This was the same walk I led in 2011 following the Burnley Way to Hameldon Hill. Again we stopped for our 11’s here, but with low mist today the views were very disappointing compared to last time we were here. We then crossed to the summit of Great Hameldon and then set off to join the Rossedale Way to Compson’s cross. From the cross we left the Rossendale way to follow a path on to the Singing Ringing Tree at Crown Point where we were able to get a full group photo’. Being windy the tree was certainly singing today.

Les and Karen on Hameldon Hill

Ian & Karen at Great Hameldon

John & Christine were surprised to bump into the twos as they dropped down the Rossendale Way on their reccie

The full group at the Singin Ringing Tree

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