Sunday, 2nd November 2014

Walk: Easedale Tarn, Codale Tarn, Tarn Crag, Greathead Crag, Stythwaite Steps, Far Easedale
Start Point: Grasmere School car park Grid Reference: NY 338 073
Distance: 9 miles Ascent: 2,200 feet
Time: 6.25 hours
Weather: Sunny spells with a short rain and hail shower
Comments: 12 members joined the leader on the popular path to Easedale Tarn. Most of the group then carried on to Tarn Crag via Codale Tarn while one member explored the opposite side of the tarn before meeting us at Stythwaite steps. The views were great, from the gushing torrent of Sourmilk Gill to the distant fells in all directions.

Taking the path beside Easedale Road

The water is quite high in Easdale Gill . . .

and, as we expected

Sourmilk Gill is quite a picture today

with lots of photo opportunities

New growth amongst the old

Time for a pause . . .

beside the waterfall . . .

but we won't be paddling in the pool today

Arriving at Easedale Tarn . . .

we pause for a group photo . . .

before continuing beside the Tarn

Time for a morning break

Jenny practises for the long jump - or is it the triple jump?!

Phil decides to stick to the lower path . . .

and makes his way across the Gill

Belles Knott

Ray checks ot our route

Crossing the beck . . .

where Robb gives a helping hand

on the way to Codale Tarn

Ian takes flying leap . . .

to cross over the beck . . .

while John and Lesley take the upper path

Tarn Carg . . .

where it's time for a group photo

Easedale Tarn from Tarn Crag

A sudden hail and heavy rain shower while we have our lunch stop - but who is hiding under the umbrella?

A break in the rain reveals that Ray is resposible for the umbrella

Phil spots the main group on the horizon

Continueing the descent . . .

as Easedale Tarn comes back into view

Quite a waymarker!

Far Easedale . . .

where the group takes a short break

Where is the ivy?

Nearing the end of the walk

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