Wednesday, 23rd December 2015

Walk: From the Visitor Centre we took a circular route around the Upper Roddlesworth Reservoir, crossed over on the dam and took the southern path to the footbridge on the Roddlesworth River and walked up the valley to the stone bridge and continued south to Slipper Lowe car park.  Then along the road all the way back to the centre.
Start Point: Ryal Fold car park / Cafe Grid Reference: SD 665 215
Distance: 3.5 miles Ascent: Not a lot
Time: 2.25 hours
Weather: Heavy drizzle and poor visibility

Fourteen brave souls set out on this pre-Christmas walk.  Although it was raining, it wasn’t too hard and we were in the shelter of woodland for most of the time.  It was just good to be out and stretching our legs.  We were amazed at the amount of water in the brooks, small rivers and reservoirs.  The amount of water transferring from the Upper Reservoir to the next was phenomenal and cascades of water could be seen through the trees. The bright red of the young beeches, which were still holding onto their leaves, stood out in the damp dark undergrowth.   The Roddlesworth River was a raging torrent with the water nearly topping the flat foot bridge.  Two weeks before, there had been at least a foot of space under the bridge and that was after the torrential rain of the previous weekend.  Just shows, the water has nowhere to go now!!!  After our break at the stone bridge, Bill and Brian decided to take a short cut back to the café.  We hadn’t realised how long a climb it was as we took the path southwards having done this walk in reverse before.  As the group made its way back to the Tockholes Visitor Centre along the road, thankful that the rain had stopped, Elizabeth and I explored an un-marked path through the woods to the left of the road.  It’s quite do-able and can be used in the future to avoid the road.  This was a shorter walk than we had anticipated but nobody was too bothered.  We were welcomed at the café with pots of tea and coffee, and plate pie or beef pudding, chips and peas!!!  Very satisfying – and cheap!

Our first glimpse of the outfall from the Upper Reservoir

Very fast flowing

Cascades in the distance

Nothing compared to the cascades down to the Lower Reservoir

Bright red Beech saplings

More bright red of a newly sawn tree trunk

Fotbridge nearly topped on River Roddlesworth

Roddlesworth Valley - in rain not snow!

A raging torrent today

A wet break at the stone bridge

Brian and Bill calling it a day

Crossing a ford, usually a trickle

Car Park entrance!

Incongruous sign

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