Wednesday, 1st July 2015

Walk: Halton
Start Point: Lancaster Railway Station Grid Reference: SD 472 617
Distance: 7 miles Ascent: 500 feet
Time: 4 hours
Weather: Sunny, 30 degrees, clouding over later
Comments: The aim of the walk was to view the construction of the new Heysham Link and to see if footpaths have been affected. In reality, the Lune Ramble Path/Cycle track has been diverted only slightly, but on the Halton side of the river the footpath adjacent to the motorway bridge (1-15-FP-9) is closed and the river path could not be reached.  The alternative route is by way of an off road footpath running parallel to Halton Road passing the army camp and then joining the Lancaster Canal to the Lune Aqueduct.

Leaving the railway station the trio took a footpath/cycle track to the Millennium Bridge on the Lune and then followed a converted railway track alongside the River Lune to Halton.  Crossing the Lune they then followed Halton Road to the Lancaster Canal.  A breakdown of the puddled clay bottom of the canal in the vicinity of the Lune Aqueduct had caused the canal to leak and emergency repairs were being carried out at the time of passing.  It’s not often one gets to see an empty aqueduct!  Because of the heat and threatening rain it was decided to follow the riverside path and not the canal path back to Lancaster.  Fortunately trees offered shade and elderflower trees shared the aroma of their florets.  A word of caution, the path/cycle track that extends between Caton and Glasson is busy with cycles. Many of which don’t have a bell.

The River Lune at the Greyhound Bridge, Lancaster

A well signed route to Caton

The Lune Aqueduct carrying the Lancaster Canal

A plaque on the aqueduct

Work in progress on the Heysham Link

A closer look at a bridge span

More bridge spans

Looking downstream on the River Lune from Halton

A church at Halton

The Lancaster Canal - it sprung a leak at the Lune Aqueduct

It wasn't John Rennie's fault

Rescuing fish in a depleted aqueduct

Another view of the aqueduct

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